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Custom Housing

Custom Housing

Been in Business since 2003!

For the last 18 years, we’ve served the Ottawa area with pride and integrity. We put our best effort into every project we take, but we turn it up a notch and work methodically when it’s a custom housing project. We know from experience that a custom housing project takes a more skilled hand than the usual masonry contract. It could be the intricacy of the design or the difficulty of laying certain products. Either way, you’ll receive the same quality in return, and best of all, you can count on that quality.

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We offer fair, competitive pricing with no hidden costs, and we never make false promises when it comes to completion time. If a project will take three weeks, expect the job to be completed in three weeks. Indeed, we value honesty and integrity more than anything else because we genuinely care about performing outstanding masonry. That’s a massive benefit for custom home builders that only complete a few projects a year. Some custom builders only finish about four houses per year, so the onus is on them to find high-quality contractors who can navigate the business and take genuine pride in what they do.

At Pride Masonry, you’re not just another client because we strive to keep you informed at every stage of the project. With us, you’re a real partner; with other contractors’ services, you’re just another client.
Here’s a quick link to our portfolio, so you can see the work we’ve completed for yourself. If you’re still curious about what we can do, we can share more examples of our work during our consultation. But since we’ve done so much work in the Ottawa region, especially in the surrounding communities, all we have to do is show you what our work looks like.

We’ve worked with every type of masonry product there is, and we’ve also worked on a wide variety of structures, which means we can accommodate any custom housing project as well.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom housing masonry services, click to speak with a representative or book an appointment.